Cladding elements facades have opened up a completely new dimension in façade design and has been embraced by architects around the world for outstanding versatility, design flexibility and building performance characteristics.  The systems that are provided consists of substructures that may provide structural role transferring wind loads, impact loads and self-weight back to the structural  framework

The nature of cladding selected for a particular building will depend on how the building is going to be used, internal and external conditions, aesthetic requirements and so on. The use of a high-quality, well designed building cladding can maximise thermal performance, minimise air leakage, and optimise natural daylighting.

Cladding options include but are not limited to:

  • ALUCOBOND®; characterized by low weight and large sizes, brilliant colours and weather resistant properties, these 4mm sheets polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium provide a modern look with flexible detailing and manufacturing options.

  • Aluminum Solid Panels; these panels can be manufactured to match the exact aluminum finish and can be provided in a variety of thickness.

  • ALPOLIC® TCM, SCM and ZCM are sandwiched panels composed of such real metals as titanium, stainless steel or zinc skin and the fire-resistant core. TCM has unparalleled corrosion resistance and fits to applications in a highly corrosive environment. SCM is highly rust-resistant and is suitable for roofs and external claddings. ZCM has a distinctive gray appearance that evolves through natural weathering. These cladding sheets have unparalleled appearance characteristics that satisfy the Architects’ requirements.

  • NBK TERRART® terracotta, ceramic elements that come as glazed and honed finishes.

  • LUXALON® are multiple aluminium panel façade solution that provide drainage and ventilation. This is a complete system with installation substructure, possibility for vertical or horizontal application, different joint solution, curved and shaped panels in different colours and finishes.